Combo 146 - Out of Body

Combo 146 - Out of Body


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An incredible amount of healing and personal transformation can be stimulated by those who are adept with out of body journeying. A benefit for both beginner and experienced traveler on the astral and other realms. Chaparral, Green Rose, Lima Bean, Litchie, Orange, Orchid Combo, Rosa Villosa, Dendritic Quartz, Flint, Krypton, Sirius.

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This stuff is phenomenal. I'm not an astral traveller yet but it makes dreams incredibly spiritual and takes me to other dimensions. The veils...

Andrea Wiens

This is my first order of energetic essences from any shop. I'm amazed at the noticeable efficacy! I have to be careful not to take this elixir when...

Victoria Simmers