Angel of Auschwitz

Angel of Auschwitz


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Angel of Auschwitz By Tarra Light

The life story of Natasza Pelinski, child of the Holocaust, has been offered in grace to the peoples of the Earth. It offers to humanity the opportunity to heal from the scars of oppression and persecution throughout history.

You are now invited to place the light of your awareness on these pages before you. You are being called to participate in a collective healing for humankind. You can claim your power and accept this invitation to forgive the past and birth a new world. The fire of your consciousness can burn up the imprint of trauma, freeing humanity to bring in more Light.

As you read the pages before you, open your mind to new ways of seeing. Allow the story of Natasza to take you on a journey of self- transformation. These writings contain keys to unlock doorways to healing for those whose hearts have been yearning to be free. This book speaks to your soul in a language that transcends thought.

Take time to reflect on the messages, images, and teachings. As each one of you moves through your individual healing process, the whole of the collective consciousness is uplifted. As you focus your attention on sending light to Auschwitz, expand your vision to include the wounds of oppression and victimization suffered by all races and religions throughout history?Native Americans, Tibetans, slaves from Africa, the people of Rwanda and Darfur, the Kurds of Iraq, and others. Call forth your intention, envision each people and nation, and send them light. Hold them in your heart and envelop them in a field of healing love.
Natasza represents the unsung heroes and heroines of all time: everyone who has stood up for truth and freedom, who has dared to confront the forces of oppression.
Your light is needed. Let us light the way forward for humanity. Join with readers around the world to birth the new consciousness upon our blessed planet Earth.

The unfolding of this story began with a past-life regression. I was seeking to heal physical and emotional afflictions that appeared to have originated from traumas endured during a previous lifetime. To my amazement, I was able to remember my life as Natasza at Auschwitz with depth of feeling and vivid recall. This therapy session became the catalyst that unlocked the floodgates of my soul memory. As I began to record the details of Natasza?s life adventure, the writing of Angel of Auschwitz was initiated.
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