Madeira Cranesbill - Sacrifice

Madeira Cranesbill - Sacrifice


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Madeira Cranesbill (Geranium maderense) Island of Madeira — Sacrifice

This flower has been helpful at inspiring a sense of sacrifice in individuals where they are looking for a good decision in their lives and are faced with a number of choices which may appear at first to be painful or difficult. They may then be encouraged on a deeper level to look at this, and realize that making a small sacrifice, shifting an energy associated with something that they had powerfully clung to or thought was important to them, that this can now be changed, that they can let go of this more easily. Oftentimes in doing so what they find is a powerful helpful love that brings to them a sense of service, of helping someone else in a way that brings them far greater joy than the very thing that they were holding onto so tightly. Of course this comes up all the time in families where you must make the right decision for your family or do the thing that would seem to be best for others in so far as day to day actions of a family.

But what is often noted is in the larger sense of this for the group, for the larger consciousness that can bring many aspects to bear on this. There can be for instance a way in which you are able to sacrifice some of your own goals, some of the things that you held near and dear or very important to you, only to discover that something much larger, something very beautiful emerges, some aspect comes forth that you had not anticipated. Or you may discover that in communicating with somebody else, that they have within them a desire to sacrifice, to do something that will help them let go of something near and dear to their own hearts in order to assist you in ways that they had not seen possible before.

In various ways in which these deep seated levels of change will often produce within them a powerful emotion, various aspects of sadness, a way in which an energy that was held before, now is released. There can be an encouragement to let go, to allow that sadness to pass, to let the energies move along in a way that are ultimately helpful. Oftentimes what shows up as a result for individuals of using this flower essence is that perhaps taking on that situation, shifting things or making on the sacrifice that was needed, leads them to discover something about themselves, and a way in which they actually end up taking back or having ultimately more than they thought possible in the first place, some aspect that was not known at the time.
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