Joy and Bliss (25%He-75%Xe) (Solid gold faceted metal bead)

Joy and Bliss (25%He-75%Xe) (Solid gold faceted metal bead)

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These work together by combining the crown chakra awakening aspect of Xenon with the ability of Helium to provide interconnection. Occasional resistance to the pure Xenon energy is alleviated by combining it with Helium. Helium focuses Xenon's capacity to open the crown chakra into interconnectivity. Rather than focusing on separation and lack, this mixture will help individuals experience accelerated awakening. This will naturally bring up the inherent joy present within higher consciousness, and release some levels of grief and sadness quickly.

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This is my second device, and it was suggested to me by Fred, the owner of Pegasus products. Like the first, it took a few days for me to adjust to...

Sarah Dunn