Personal Empowerment (96%Ar-4%Kr) (Honey-colored smooth round zi

Personal Empowerment (96%Ar-4%Kr) (Honey-colored smooth round zi

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This combo can thin the aethers, reducing aetheric congestion. I always use this when I am in a situation of greater density and thought form pollution. Some examples of this might be a difficult business or family meeting, a trip to court or the hospital, a busy train station or airport, or a place of violence and potential danger, anywhere there is a possibility of psychic attack. There is much of this difficult entity energy in dealing with many psychological and physical disturbances. This combination can be used to shift many of these problematic connections. This also can shift habitual behavior and addictive patterns. This is an essential mixture for most of humanity.

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This was my first inert gas device, based on Fred's recommendation. It has been a joy to wear and is very uplifting.

David Hoffman