Xenon - Crown Chakra Opening (faceted amethyst [purple] zirconiu

Xenon - Crown Chakra Opening (faceted amethyst [purple] zirconiu

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There will be stimulation of the crown chakra, a higher-self connection to many aspects of oneメs life and a deeper soul awareness of oneメs soul connection to God. There can be a deeper awareness of collective consciousness of humans as well. This stimulation of the crown can develop a deeper attunement to spiritual principals and a greater facility for working appropriately with psychic gifts. Its main signature has to do with counteracting the detrimental effect that the sun has on the aetheric bodies of all beings within this solar system. While most other planets with atmospheres have a greater concentration of xenon, much of it was removed from the Earthメs atmosphere in the past for the purpose of deliberate life-shortening and the cessation of most of xenonメs natural regenerative capabilities in humans. For those wishing to work with the regenerative principal xenon can be a big help when combined with deep, clear and focused visualizations. This is the device to use for manifestation and understanding of the higher dimensional realms. We use a xenon device in the preparation of flower and gem elixirs as a way to filter out the harmful aspects of sunlight.

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